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Who We Are

Eurocan Royal is a privately owned, Canadian corporation with the full capacity to provide our clients, positioned mainly overseas, with services and solutions including but not limited to the activities as explained herein:

What We Do

  • Market development strategies
  • Expand and develop the business
  • Promote high tech and up to date technologies
  • Assess the feasibility of projects
  • Provide economical, technical and financial surveys
  • Provide project proposals and business plans
  • Aid in Equipment selection and procurement
  • Provide production and fabrication techniques
  • Provide Turn-Key project implementation and expansion
  • Help with working capital solutions on selected projects
  • Provide installation, commissioning, start-up, running and training
  • Provide the Know-How and transfer of technology
  • Assist with licensing, technicalities and contract negotiations
  • Offer the option of a Joint-Venture
  • Assist with project implementation observation and execution
  • Apply PERT and CPM project planning methods
  • Interpret and analyze findings
  • Provide agency exclusivity

Our Vision

To make a unique and significant contribution to the success of dynamic and innovative clients who are also serious about developing and standing behind the ideas and technologies that contribute to their success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist interested parties and make a difference in their growth and success. For we believe that their success is ours. We look at the business of our clients in its entirety including: management expertise, potential for growth, and the viability of our clients projects and ideas. We do this to make sure that the proposed project is feasible, in order to be implemented by our network of specialized management consultants and technical experts who understand the challenges faced by such entrepreneurs.

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Future Projects

  • Waste Energy
  • Utility Poles
  • WPC Composits
  • WEC Curbs
  • LR Insulation

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